Manage Outlets and Outlet Locations

Found on your Dashboard, Outlets and Outlet Locations are a powerful tool that allow you a large degree of customisation on your desired customer journey.

Use them to:

Outlets allow you to display different menus, simply create more than one menu and create a new outlet for each of them, and attach them to your Outlet Locations - more on this below.

When looking at your orders in Expo, you can filter by Outlet. So if you have different bars/kitchens/prep areas that fulfil orders for different locations within the same store then create them here and then attach them to the Outlet Locations for which they are going to be serving.

Outlet Locations is the configuration flow that you want to present to the customer. By creating a seating flow you can make sure they select the correct location, which you can do for Collection also if you have more than one collection point available. When configuring Outlet Locations you create a location and specify which service you would like it to have, and then you attach and Outlet which gives it a menu to display.

Please note: If an outlet has not got a menu assigned to it then the weborder styling page will not load, make sure all outlets have menus assigned.

Outlets and Outlet Locations working together

This video shows how they work together to display the service journey you’d like to show, including showing different menus per location.

HubSpot Video

Create layers to your Outlet Locations

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Outlets and Order Management

Use different Outlets to help filter your orders if you have more than one kitchen/bar/prep area in your store.

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Kerbside Collection

Outlets and Outlet Locations can be used to set up Kerbside Collection for a store. 

Please see this video for a demonstration on how to set this up.

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