Configure Outlets for Events

Each event can have it’s own Outlet Location attached to it and this allows you to select what services or locations you would like to apply to the event.

This is helpful for stores such as:

  • Any large event space that has multiple areas where you might have an event per area such as conference stores or cinemas. e.g for a Cinema with many screens each Outlet Location could be a separate screen and that screen’s seat configuration for To Seat service

  • Any store such as a theatre that might want to offer either multiple Collection points or To Seat service depending on the event.

You need to already have Outlets and Outlet Locations configured. See these pages on how to do so.

Adding specific Outlet Locations to an event
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  1. From your dashboard go to Events > My Events and hover over the three dots next to an event and click 'Set Outlet Configuration'

  2. Click on the service you would like to offer and then click Done. This will direct customers to the outlet configuration you would like to offer

Adding a specific menu to an event

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You can create a new menu and an Outlet for it, and attach it to an Outlet Location via these instructions. If you are going to offer different menus per event, you will need to ‘Set Outlet Configuration’ for every event otherwise customers will be able to see all the Outlet Location options for other events that you have created.