Understanding Point of Sale (POS) Integrations

You might be using an electronic Point of Sale or till system in your store. We have a number of integrations to these systems; there is no implication for the customer, but for your store it means easier menu and order management.

In brief, menus items are edited on the POS and then are synced through to your store dashboard. From here you can create a new menu using any number of these imported items from your POS and make a small number of edits. When a customer makes an order, that order is sent to the POS for it’s approval that the items are correct. Following an approval the order is completed and you can print out and manage the order from your POS.

This differs from a non integrated setup where you would manually create all the menu items on the store dashboard and organise your orders using our order manager system.


Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about being POS integrated or if we can help with the setup of this at support@qikserve.com

POS Partners



Access / IBS
















Integration and configuration

Each of the partners above will fall into two categories of POS integrations:

  • Outbound - the most common kind, where the integration is configured and handled on our side of the system.

  • Inbound - where the integration is handled by the POS itself, through access to our API. Issues with inbound integrations should be referred to the POS provider.

Please get in touch with us at support@qikserve.com to begin an integration process and to enquire about a POS system that is not on the list

Managing your orders

If you are POS integrated then you manage your orders via your till system, however if you wish you can still have access to our orders management system at Expo.