March 2022

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features

  • Calorie Labelling  The 6th of April 2022 brings new government legislations, which will see calorie labelling mandatory on menus for operators in England and Wales with over 250 employees. This is to help improve the nations health and allows our customers to make healthier options. Calorie labelling on menus to be introduced in cafes, restaurants and takeaways

  • QikServe have now added this new feature to allow stores the ability to add calories to each of their items on their menu.

    • How this looks for your customer


    • See our handy knowledge base article on how to add this to your venue - Calorie Labelling


Please contact to have this enabled.

  • Locker Service   This feature allows stores to use a Locker Provider for food collections. The Locker Provider replaces our standard collection service.

    • Customers basket will look slightly different (Locker access and Locker address) as seen in below screen shot 

    • They will then see their locker ID in the confirmation stage 



  • Deliveroo

    • Web Styling - This sits at the top of the menu page and explains what makes your restaurant different. We recommend telling the story of your brand and explaining why it was created.
      Accepted formats: Up to 500 characters - ideally between 200-245 characters.

    • Store Status - Operators can now also set their Deliveroo store status from their Dashboard.

    • Item availability- Operators can now view and set item availability via their dashboard in the menu section and under items. Hovering over the 3 dots on an item will then show you the Deliveroo icon to change this.

  • Suggestive Selling  - Advanced mode is now available, you can now set your Cross basket sells to specific rules such as showing any item over a specific price.

  • Tevalis Improvement  - Stores can now send orders to certain terminals depending on where the customer is seated

    • e.g. Table 1 should go to Terminal A and Table 20 should go to Terminal B

  • QPS commission calculation - Previously we always ROUND UP commissions and taxes. We have now changed the logic to 

    • >= 0.xx5 will always round UP

    • < 0.xx5 will always round DOWN

This will effect Adyen Dropin QPS and Stripe QPS


Bug Fixes

  • Ordering issue using Safari browser and Mac device  - Card selection was greyed out when attempting to put an order for delivery through.

  • Suggestive selling tagged items bug  - When an item has a tag attached the pop up triggered appears but not clearly.

  • Calories not publishing to Global Dashboards   - When calories are added to an item on a Global menu and published down to stores the calories were not appearing.

  • Cross sell fixes -

    • Tags - could not be deleted when created in the Suggestive Selling menus

    • Items - when items were hidden but selected in a condition on advanced this was showing in the items to be displayed.