Your QikServe Global Dashboard

For businesses that have multiple stores, we provide a Global Dashboard.

This lets you manage the content of all your stores from a single place, and then simply distribute that content to individual stores.

To navigate between your Global Dashboard and your store dashboard, click the name of your business on the top left hand side of the webpage on your dashboard and you will be able to select the other.

The flow of information from a Channel (Global Dashboard) to a store (Individual site Dashboard) is one-directional. For example, a menu created in a Global Dashboard can be “pushed” to individual stores, but a menu from a store cannot be “pulled” to the Global Dashboard.

User access and permissions

User access follows the same single direction flow of information.

Depending on a individual permissions settings, users from the global dashboard can have access to some or all the stores in the channel. On the other hand, users defined at a store level can only have access to that store, even if they have Administrator permissions.


We can turn on Advanced Permissions for your stores that give you greater scope to set a user’s permissions. For example, you could give a member of your Finance/Accounts team to only view the Analytics on your Global Dashboard. Please submit a request to if you’d like this enabled.

You can read more about the Advanced roles here: Managing User Permissions - Advanced Roles