February 2022

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features

  • Cross Basket Sell (Suggestive Selling) 

    • Suggestive selling gives you the ability to offer cross-sells or up-sells on all menu items within our mobile ordering products. The suggestive selling feature was developed to increase profits for the operators by increasing guest average spend per head (ASPH) offering them new or appropriate items which have been set up in the ‘Basket cross sell’ section.

    • The items you have for your 'Cross basket' will appear as a quick-add option in the customer basket area before check out.

    • See our how to article on the Knowledge Base


To have this feature enabled please email support@qikserve.com and they will guide you on how this is actioned.


  • Deliveroo

    • This is now available for other POS, including Omnivore (Aloha) and Access POS.

  • Nested section images on Open Check 

    • We now support section images as circular icons for Open Check menus. See below screen shot 

  • QP can now refund from dashboard 

    • Now allows refunds via the QikServe dashboard. To action a refund please log in to your dashboard, select the Orders tab and click on the order you wish to refund you will see the refund option, next to cancel order

  • Dashboard account creation invite extended

    • When adding users to your platform there was a 48 hour expiration for the links to sign up but now this has been updated to allow 7 days

  • Review order screen

    • Added rewards to UPP screen so loyalty works there now

  • Web orders password validation message

    • System now shows an error message when password doesn't match the minimum requirements in the form to create a new account through the Checkout screen

Bug Fixes

  • Store Invoice CSV report -  When you pull this report to a csv file it now contains separate columns for different tax groups, breaking down the amounts for each specific group. Multiple payments are now also recorded correctly in the report (paying by card and gift card) it shows you the amount for each payment.

  • Rewards Title on Loyalty provider - you can now change the Rewards title for your loyalty provider to something more bespoke, see below screen shot of ‘My rewards’ changed to Bonus rewards (to have this changed please contact support@qikserve.com)

  • FreedomPay3DS now working on Web Ordering  - An error occurred at payment with FreedomPay onWeb Ordering and has now been resolved.

  • Basket to Checkout screen navigation  - There was an issue with navigating back and forward from the basket to the check out screen and a refresh of the application was needed, this has now been resolved.

  • Talkbox voucher code  - Spaces were previously not allowed in voucher codes for Talkbox this has now been resolved and the API will remove white spaces from codes that are applied.