Manage Opening Hours

Set up your store to reflect your desired operational hours. Think of the opening hours as your general store opening hours when someone is likely to be at the store.

You can then set your service hours to mirror your opening hours, or to be different to them. For example, perhaps you offer ‘To Seat’ service at a different time than when you offer collection or delivery.

Setting your Opening Hours

  1. From your Dashboard go to 'Venue Settings'

  2. Go to 'Operational Hours'

  3. Choose the days you'd like to be open by selecting them and changing them to green. These are your general opening hours, your service specific hours come in step 8

  4. Pay close attention to the 12 hour clock when you set the time as you need to choose AM/PM each time

  5. The days you'd like to be closed - leave them grey

  6. If you have multiple opening hours within an individual day such as AM and PM shifts, simply click the add symbol:

    This will then create a new line for you to add the additional timings to the days you select

  7. All changes are automatically saved and immediately reflected on your customer facing Online Ordering page in the ‘Contact’ section



Managing Service Hours

  1. If you'd like your service hours to differ from your opening hours, for instance if you'd like to only offer delivery on certain days, simply untick the box next to 'same as opening hours' next to the desired service and add the hours accordingly following steps 3-7 above.

  2. Unless you have configured dynamic order capacities, please make sure to select 'Default Order Capacity' in the dropdown on the right. For more information on dynamic order capacity, please refer to Advanced Order Slots