August 2023

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New features

Open Check - Custom Fields

We now support stores adding customs fields when using open check. These are designed to allow the operator to gather more information, whether it be about the customer or order. 


Read more about custom fields for open check here.


Kiosk - tip support

Kiosks will now be able to support tips. If you would like this configured for your Store email with the tip name, tip options and which option you would like to be default.


Kiosk Cocoa UI - Supporting Landscape View

Kiosks using our Cocoa UI will now be able to switch to a landscape view designed to be used for devices that are landscape.


Kiosk Cocoa UI - Kiosk Styling

We will now be able to offer more styling options for Kiosks using cocoa UI, These will be the colors that are editable: 



Supported Language - Polish

Polish is now supported on our platform for customers to use on web ordering.

Open Check - Journey

Check number will now display on payment success screen

Bug Fixes

  • QP - Reports refreshing after every request has been resolved and should no longer continue refreshing
  • QP- Saved filters would return an error when used on reports. Saved filters will work as intended now allowing users to save their custom filters to be used
  • Dashboard - Venue Card would not scale properly when there were lots of Stores, this has been resolved by scaling the card to accommodate all stores
  • Mobile App - Users would be stuck on the review order screen if they selected the "Card" option. This is no longer the issue and users are able to proceed by selecting the card option. 
  • Receipts - Some receipts were printing without the PAID stamp being shown, this has now been resolved
  • Re-Order Feature - Re-ordering twice will now put correct items into the basket