2022 New features

Over the past year QikServe have added a vast amount of new features to the platform, below is a few of the Key features that have been added.


  • Pennies integration

    • Pennies are a global micro-donations charity. This integration offers your customer the ability to easily and quickly round up their order/donate a set amount at checkout with the click of one button. The charity that collects the funds has their logo provided with an explanation below


Link to our knowledge base article HERE

  • Deliveroo integration

    • The QikServe integration to Deliveroo offers a menu push function so that you have one less place to manage your menu. The menu from your Dashboard can be sent to your Deliveroo store, correctly formatted and ready to use

    • Once an order is made via Deliveroo, QikServe receives the order and sends it on to your POS. This means you don’t need an order management tablet/printer specifically for Deliveroo but can receive you Click and Collect orders from QikServe and your Delivery orders from Deliveroo directly to your POS

    • The integration is available today on Simphony 2 and RES Micros POS

    • Improvements - Web Styling - This sits at the top of the menu page and explains what makes your restaurant different. We recommend telling the story of your brand and explaining why it was created.
      Accepted formats: Up to 500 characters - ideally between 200-245 characters.

      image-20220406-150500 (1)-1
    • Store Status - Operators can now also set their Deliveroo store status from their Dashboard.

    • Item availability- Operators can now view and set item availability via their dashboard in the menu section and under items. Hovering over the 3 dots on an item will then show you the Deliveroo icon to change this.

  • Punchh Integration for Kiosks  - Users can now use their Punchh loyalty promotions at Kiosks. Typical User Journey:

    • Guest adds items to their basket

    • Guest completes the order and is prompted to scan a reward

      image-20221114-151113 (1)
    • Guest scans or enters their promotion QR/Barcode*

      image-20221114-151130 (1)
    • Customers will be able to remove the discount like an item at the basket screen

User Interface

  • Hide Store Header Image - This feature will hide the stores header including the logo on Web Ordering. For example having this feature enabled removes this header and logo from the menu 

  • Web Orders Menu New UI - This changes the web ordering experience by adding in a carousel of section images at the top of each menu, that a user can select to get to each section. These images are taken from the menu section images (please note if you do not have section images the icons will not appear, it will appear as the section names)

  • Whilst the customer is in a section the carousel will still show for easier navigation to another section in the menu 


  • Web Orders Allergy Link - New UI - This new feature flag changes where the Allergen information is kept, placing it at the top of the menu making it clearer for customers to see.

    • When the customer selects this tab, they will be directed to the document or URL that has been published from the stores Global Dashboard. Which is set in Policies and Allergy Information.

  • The ability to hide the promo codes section - on the ‘Review Order’ screen when the store has “Disable Promotion Codes” feature enabled the promo code section is now hidden.


  • Cross Basket Sell (Suggestive Selling) 

    • Suggestive selling gives you the ability to offer cross-sells or up-sells on all menu items within our mobile ordering products. The suggestive selling feature was developed to increase profits for the operators by increasing guest average spend per head (ASPH) offering them new or appropriate items which have been set up in the ‘Basket cross sell’ section.

    • The items you have for your 'Cross basket' will appear as a quick-add option in the customer basket area before check out.

    • See our how to article on the HERE

      image-20220309-123041 (1)
  • Custom Legal Documents   is a feature that has been created to provide an option for our customers to control their own T&C’s, as well as other important documents such as your Privacy policy and Allergy Information. We want to provide you with default templates that allow you to then personalise them as required.

    • We have a template available but these are not legal advice, please be sure to read and understand our disclaimer.

    • There are two different Document settings 

      • In Product - You can add your document manually which allows you to paste this information and edit

        image-20220517-144518 (1)
      • External URL - This will open up a new window which will take users to an external page to view the document

        image-20220517-145843 (1)
  • Calorie Labelling The 6th of April 2022 brought in new government legislations, which will make calorie labelling mandatory on menus for operators in England and Wales with over 250 employees. This is to help improve the nations health and allows our customers to make healthier options. Calorie labelling on menus to be introduced in cafes, restaurants and takeaways QikServe have now added this new feature to allow stores the ability to add calories to each of their items on their menu.

    • How this looks for your customer

      image-20220308-110634 (1)

See our knowledge base article on how to add this to your store- HERE

QikServe Payments

  • QikServe Payments Reporting - Our latest developments with QikServe Payments (QP) is the reporting dashboard which can be accessed through your QikServe dashboard.

    The new QP reporting dashboard allows you to have one source of data for easier reporting and tracking of your transactional data through your digital ordering and payment services with QikServe.


    The reporting now gives you the visibility over -

    • Total number of transactions

    • Average Transaction Value

    • Total Sales Revenue

    You can now also view any failed transactions (in the transaction sub tab) and have an answer for your customer on why this had failed , for example see below


    To see more information on this new feature, visit our knowledge base article QP