Update your Loyalty Stamp Card

Changing your Loyalty stamp reward to a new one does affect your customers - there are a few steps that change when changing your loyalty card.

  • The reward for completing a card changes immediately.

  • The customer will continue on with their last amount of stamps but the title will change and they will gain the updated reward after stamps are full (see below for visuals) -

 Customers current card (previous Loyalty stamp card reward) will change from the below a1c406e2-972f-4139-be58-cc88843eaa51

To the new loyalty reward (it will keep the same amount of stamps) but the reward will update 


Once their current stamp card is full and the reward has been redeemed, they will then receive the new Loyalty reward as their next stamp card


Existing stamp cards keep both the total number of stamps required, and the number of cards accumulated so far.