The Customer facing Menu

You can choose to have your integrated menu be customer facing or you can create a new menu with your imported items that you decide to show

When you are syncing your menu and items from the POS to the Dashboard they are always coming to the same menu. You can choose to have this menu be customer facing or you can create a new menu with your imported items that you decide to show - this could be the case if you have many items on your POS but you only want to show a limited menu to customers.

We recommend having your POS-integrated menu as the public-facing menu as well - simplest and clearest way to handle an integrated setup.

To help adapt the synced menu for public display, there are a number of changes you can make to it:

  • Items can be “hidden” from the menu - they’ll still display on the dashboard, but they won’t be visible to customers. Any subsequent menu sync will still keep the item hidden.

  • Items can be “deleted” from the synced menu - they’ll be removed from the menu altogether, however, if they still exist on the POS, they’ll be added to the menu again the next time a sync in run.

  • The “Display Name” of an item (the name visible to customers) is only imported on the first sync of the item - meaning that any changes to the “Display Name” afterwards won’t be overwritten by a menu sync. This helps stores that would like their customer-facing item names to be different from the name of an item in the POS.

Using a separate public-facing menu

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  • From your Dashboard navigate to Menus > My Menus

  • Click the blue '+' symbol to add a new menu 

  • Give your new menu a name and click Done

  • From within the new menu, create your first menu section 

  • When you are in this new menu section and click the blue '+' symbol again you only have the option to Import existing items, click this button
  • You will see a list of your imported items to the right hand side. If they have modifiers already attached (you set this up on your PO) then you will see these on each of the appropriate items

  • Drag and drop the items you would like to fill the menu section with

  • Repeat steps 4-7 for the other menu sections until you have a complete menu

  • Navigate to Outlets > My Outlets

  • Choose the appropriate Outlet and make sure that your new menu is selected which will make it customer facing

Each time that you Sync the Dashboard from your POS these items that have been imported into other menus will update.