Add Tax to your QikServe Services

You can add Tax rates to your menu items and modifier items

This will allow you to pull a Tax Report via Analytics and your customers will automatically get a VAT receipt.

If you have different rates on items depending on whether they are for take away or sit in then that can be included as part of the setup.

This can be set via your Global Dashboard if you have multiple stores where the tax information will be the same for all.

If you have modifiers on your menu then you must apply tax groups to your modifier items also can set your taxes to be exclusive if you need them to be, meaning that the price you enter in the Dashboard for an item is the base price before tax.

How to set up Tax for Items and Modifiers

For taxes to be calculated and added to an order, the “Tax ID” field has to be filled under “Seller Details”

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  • Select 'Tax' from the menu on your Dashboard, and click 'Seller Details'

  • Add the seller details to the information box which appears on the right of the toolbar. As a minimum you need the ‘Tax ID’ to be entered. The details will be saved automatically. This information will be shown to the customer on their order confirmation email. If you are editing this from the Global Dashboard be sure to publish this change to your stores

  • Click 'Tax Rates' and select the blue circle with the '+' inside to add a new tax rate

  • Add the correct rates into their corresponding fields. Once finished, click 'Done'

  • Next, click 'Tax Groups' and again, create a new group by selecting the blue circle with the '+' inside

  • Add a title to the section 'Tax group name' and select the chosen rate(s)

  • If you have multiple stores, click 'Choose Venues' and pick which to associate with the tax group


  • Now your group is created, you need to add it to your items; Go to 'Menus' and then 'Items'

  • Hover over the three dots next to the item and click the pencil to edit the item

  • In the pop-up box, you can then select which tax group to associate the menu item with

  • You should also do this with Modifiers, adding a different Tax group to each each modifier item


How to set up Taxes for fees

Tax can also be added for service fees.  Please reach out to, noting the fee and the tax that you would like to be added, and we can get that actioned for you.