Set up your Deliverect integration

Find out the information you need to up Deliverect for your store on QikServe

What we require from you to set up Deliverect

  • Already have a Deliverect account set up

  • Contact Deliverect and mention that you wish to connect to QikServe so they may send the relevant information to
  • Once logged in to your account, you will need to configure your POS connection and import your menu information into Deliverect.

  • From your Deliverect account you then need to set up you QikServe Click-and-Collect Channel.

The steps above will require involvement from our Operations team to set up stores on the QikServe side.

  • Once the set up is complete on both Deliverect and QikServe

    • Publish your imported POS menu to our QikServe Click-and-Collect channel

    • Start processing test orders from your QikServe dashboard and see them hit your POS, be sure that you can view on your POS system everything you require from QikServe.