September 2022

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features

This month we have had the team working on a new UI for Kiosks (and other exciting ventures) which has resulted in no new feature releases this month, but watch this space….:grinning:


  • QP  Reporting  

    • New column added for Fees which has been added to the ‘Transaction detail’ report.

    • An additional column for NET has also been added to the ‘Transaction detail’ report. This is useful to operators as this is the actual money that is received.

    • Failure reason now added to transaction detail screen.


Bug Fixes

  • Payment types  - Cash payment was being set as the default payment type, when enabled after card was set as the primary payment method.

  • Pay at table stores - When a pay at table store is turned from Live to Demo for testing purposes you could not turn the store back to Live.

  • Open Check  - There was a scrolling issue on Open Check pages but a worse user experience in the item page.

    • Users would Open Open Check menu

    • Open the item page and scroll down

    • Click to close the item page

      • The main page content was then not visible to the user they had to scroll up to see the content.

  • Modifier options  - Incorrect ordering of modifier options after options are removed and new ones added. The options were not added to the end they were placed in the middle of the options.

  • Native mobile apps  - When a user selected a tip on the mobile app the tip value could not be removed.

  • Forget password function  - On the sign in page when selecting ‘forget my password' this did not take you to the reset password page.