October 2023

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.


Kiosks - Support for Guest name

Guests can now enter their name on a kiosk, which can be used to collect the order instead of an order number.

Dashboard - Searching for Promotions/Items

Now able to search for Items and promotions when looking at analytics on the dashboard.

Online Ordering - Forced Modifiers

Forced modifier message has been improved to stand out more and show which modifier options need to be chosen.

Bug Fixes

  • Pixelpoint - Tax is now printed/sent to POS when an order is made 
  • Mobile App v1.5 - Users are now able to scroll to show City/Postcode when manually adding their address  
  • Kiosk Cocoa UI- Selecting multiple of the same item will now update the basket total correctly
  • Mobile App v1.5 - Tip selection will be working as expected now.
  • Online Ordering - UPP (Unified Payment Page) will now work correctly with Adyen payment
  • Qikpay - Users can now enter their postcode to complete their orders
  • Dashboard - Customers can now navigate to their second page of venues when looking at venues tab on their dashboard 
  • Dashboard - Partial refund will now work from the Expo Screen