October 2022

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features

  • Punchh Integration for Kiosks  - Users can now use their Punchh loyalty promotions at Kiosks. Typical User Journey

    • Guest adds items to their basket

    • Guest completes the order and is prompted to scan a reward

    • Guest scans or enter their promotion QR/Barcode*

    • The Kiosk discounts the promotion amount from the basket


Customers will be able to remove the discount like an item at the basket screen

  • Glory Cash receiver integration for Kiosk  - This new Integration will allow business owners to accept cash in addition to card at Kiosk (Acrelec/ATP only).


  • Kiosk Scanner Support -  Kiosks have been given scanner support via Acrelec ATP.

  • Deliverect - Allergen data  - We are now able to pull allergen data from Deliverect into QikServe.

Bug Fixes

  • Open Check bug adding to total using rejected items  - This bug was causing an open check amount to go up even after an item had been rejected and not added if it had a modifier.