November/December 2022

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.


  • QikServe Payments reporting updates

    • You can now export reporting of QikServe Payments found within your QikServe Global dashboard

      • Go to QikServe payments and select Transactions here you can filter the reporting to include Date Range, Amount Range etc. Then apply to your report.

      • Once you have your filters and columns selected, select the Export blue button to export the transactions to CSV

  • Open check improvement to table ordering  - Customers were able to input any amount for a table number which was breaking our API, there is now a maximum number value set for table orders.

  • Deliverect integration updates  

    • The correct delivery address format has now been set to send more information including the city for the order from QikServe to Deliverect.

    • Support to allergen data on publish menu (this allows a channel to retrieve allergens and tags that exist in Deliverect).

  • Pennies reporting improvements 

    • When a guest chooses to pay with Pennies, we are sending the Pennies total + the order total to the POS. We have now changed our logic to send the correct tenders to the POS for the items in the order without sending Pennies (or other non-order related charges) to the POS.

    • You can still see this donation in Analytics in the Donation column



Bug Fixes

  • Open Check related bugs

    • Adding multiples of the same item was not grouping them in the basket they were listed individually.


      This has been rectified and the items are grouped as necessary.

    • When removing an item quantity in the basket, the item below is would get reduced.

  • Open Check - If a user clicked back on the browser once at check out and change the table number the items got transferred to the new table number, it is now set that the basket is reset when entering a new table number.

  • Delivery addresses  - We experienced an issue that caused delivery addresses not to print on some receipts this has since been resolved.

  • Promotions - A bad request was placed when ordering with an offer that had an emoji character in the name or title.

Happy holidays here’s to a bright and prosperous 2023. More updates to follow in the New year :slight_smile: