November 2021

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features

  • Integration with Toggle

    • Toggle is a Gift Card platform that allows operators to sell and manage stored-value gift cards. Our Toggle integration allows users to query their wallet value and then spend that wallet value on their restaurant order

Example of wallet value check 


Example of redeeming the value


  • Unified Payment Page

    • This feature allows you to split payment by more than one type, e.g. with gift card and credit card, and improves our order review page now allowing the customer easily edit order details

    • This new checkout and payment process brings the customer to the same experience across all web-based mobile order and/or pay journeys on the QikServe platform

    • From the review page you can now:

      • see a map of the store location and confirm the store address

      • see and edit your chosen collection/delivery time and date

      • edit the items in your basket

      • add tips at the checkout stage rather than on the menu page if enabled for the store

      • select more than one payment type if enabled for the store

    • Payment providers that currently work with this new feature are:

      • FreedomPay

      • GlobalPay

      • PayFacto

      • Stripe

      • WorldPayAccess 



  • Acteol CRM

    • For those with multiple stores or ordering channels with QikServe it was hard to separate out the data the CRM received, so we have included more information in the /api/Transaction/Post requests

    • Guest Checkout user data was not being passed to Acteol despite a user saying they would be interested in marketing communication

  • Kiosk platform languages

    • Now supporting Finnish, Russian, Dutch, simplified Chinese, and German

  • Kiosk branding change

    • For a custom kiosk design we have amended the category and sub category appearance so that the background is transparent

Bug Fixes

  • Error exporting the Store Invoice report from the Dashboard Analytics

  • Editing the quantity of an item at basket level was affected when more than one of the same item with different modifiers is selected

  • Tags were not working when applied to individual items but instead only at section level, which is resolved

  • Publishing operational hours from the Global Dashboard down to stores was not working

  • With ‘To Seat’ ordering if you entered a table number and then deleted the characters to input a new number the original number would be kept when you progressed

  • Adyen + Ideal payments missing a sourceAppid when reordering without refreshing the menu page

  • Simphony 2 via Omnivore POS displaying incorrect price on Pay at Table  when two checks are open for the same table

  • New Guest Checkout UI not accurately showing the Terms and Conditions link

  • Reordering a combo meal with multiple modifiers lead to a change in the way modifiers were listed, causing confusion for kitchen staff

  • Kiosk UI displaying incorrect pricing for a combo meal deal, displaying only the price of the main item

  • Individually set item lead time doesn’t change the ASAP time during operational hours

  • Issue exporting Tax Reports to CSV from the Dashboard