May 2023

See the below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features 

Allergen Disclaimer Added to Open-Check - An allergen disclaimer has been added to the Open-Check journey, this makes the guest acknowledge they have ordered an item with allergens before they add it to the basket. 

Translation of Menu for Web Orders - A feature flag has been added that checks a guest's language setting and translates the menu to that specific language.


Dialog Improvement- We have improved the message that informs a guest which item was removed from their basket due to availability. 



Deliverect Integration Updates

  • SKU values for items not being pulled - SKU values for items are now imported from Deliverect, allowing for Stock analytics to be shown correctly. Previously, all items had the same SKU.
  • Snooze/Unsnooze on modifiers is now working with QikServe. Deliverect allows for their customers to snooze/unsnoozed their modifiers essentially making it unavailable. Previously, this was not recognised in QikServe. Now the modifiers will be made Available/Unavailable based on their Snooze settings.

Bleep Integration Update - QikServe will now only pull items that are "Active" from Bleep, this is determined on their end, and we will now ignore items that are not "Active".

Bug Fixes 

  • Loading an events store that wasn't taking orders was not working. Custom fields are now working again for Event venues and will be shown in the checkout screen.
  • Incorrect message shown when no delivery slot available. It was shown as "Sorry you're too far away" when no delivery slots were available, this has been changed to correctly say "We are currently closed but you can still pre-order" as there are no slots left.
  • Wheat allergen was not being applied to items for Open-Check, this has now been changed and the allergen tags apply correctly now.
  • Incomplete addresses were being sent to Deliverect. This has been changed to send Street Number, Building Name, Address Line and Flat number/Door number. Previously, only the Street number/Address line was sent.
  • Tax Report was empty on the dashboard, but when exported to .csv files, Tax Report had entries. This has been resolved and the Tax Report should populate correctly.