May 2022

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features

  • Custom Legal Documents is a feature that has been created to provide an option for our customers to control their own T&C’s, as well as other important documents such as your Privacy policy and Allergy Information. We want to provide you with default templates that allow you to then personalise them as required.

    • We have a template available but these are not legal advice, please be sure to read and understand our disclaimer.

    • There are two different Document settings 

      • In Product - You can add your document manually which allows you to paste this information and edit.

      • External URL - This will open up a new window which will take users to an external page to view the document.

  • Nets Payment  - NETS is a payment provider particularly popular in the Nordic countries. We have built an integration into their payment gateway for Merlin Entertainments, but it is hoped other operators in the Nordic region may wish to take advantage of the integration in the future, also.


  • New languages added to the platform  - This can be changed on your QikServe dashboard in your account settings for your account only 

    • Spanish (es-ES)

    • Korean (ko-KR)

    • Danish (da-DK)

    • Japanese (ja-JP)

    • Spanish (es-Ve)

  • Table number was not getting sent to Aloha POS system 

  • Deliverect tax-exclusive territory support  - Deliverect support stores in two tax formats

    • Inclusive Tax this is most commonly used in countries that utilise VAT i.e the UK and Europe Our Deliverect integration is known to working in this case

    • Exclusive Tax this is most commonly used in the US. typically known as sales tax.

  • Stores are now able to use different tax classes depending on the channel used.
  • Stripe QP Billing address  - Customers using Stripe were encountering payment disputes due to not having enough information during the payment flow, we have now added billing address support to the payment flow for QP Stripe.

Bug Fixes

  • Deliverect fixes 

    • Modifier order not shown correctly from Deliverect menus - When an item has multiple modifiers the order is different on Deliverect menu to as it appears on our side.

    • To seat number not sending to Aloha POS when a table number is entered it was getting directed to the Delivery section in Deliverect. Fix put in place to show on POS system.

  • PDF report export showing wrong date

    • The export of reports when the date filter is customised shows the wrong date if the individual lines in the report are selected the exported to a CSV file.

    • By filtering the data ‘by event’ on date range field the period is being printed as timestamp and not a formatted date.

  • Guest checkout shows British flag regardless of locale - When in guest checkout the telephone number field the flag would always show the British flag regardless of the stores locale.