June 2023

See the below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.


Open Check | Improve the restrict browsing application message : In order to enhance the user experience and prevent any confusion, we have made improvements to the 'We're getting this table ready' application message in Open Check. Changing the message that appears to customers:

Multi store - Choose Branch - Add dialog for "Service is not available" : We have identified a scenario where users may encounter an issue when they click the "Deliver my order to me" button, but all the delivery slots are already filled before they can complete the order. As a result, the order is automatically changed to pickup, but users are not notified about this change. To address this, we have implemented a new message that will be displayed, informing users about the unavailability of the delivery service and prompting them to change their service option to continue.

ICR | Support Anonymous Checkout : Previously, customers were required to provide guest data when placing an order, but with the ICR POS integration, we have made it possible to place orders under anonymous guest checkout. This means that customers now have the option to place an order without attaching any guest data, providing a more convenient and flexible ordering experience. 




  • Adyen's system incorrectly saving payment-response data. This issue occurs when the payment-response information is not accurately recorded, leading to potential discrepancies or errors in the payment process. 
  • Error 400 when trying to sync Eposnow menu: This error occurs when there is a problem with the synchronization process of the Eposnow menu. 
  • When attempting to delete a menu that is associated with a deleted cross sell, you would encounter an issue where the deletion process is not successful.
  • Yoyo - We have identified issues related to rounding payments, error capturing payment messages, and the system rounding down and attempting to capture a payment amount that is lower than the correct amount.