June 2022

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features

  • Feature flags added

    • Hide Venue Header Image - This feature will hide the stores header including the logo on Online Ordering. For example having this feature enabled removes this header and logo from the menu 

    • Web Orders Menu New UI - This changes the web ordering experience by adding in a carousel of section images at the top of each menu, that a user can select to get to each section. These images are taken from the menu section images (please note if you do not have section images the icons will not appear, it will appear as the section names)

    • Whilst the customer is in a section the carousel will still show for easier navigation to another section in the menu 

  • Web Orders Allergy Link - New UI - This new feature flag changes where the Allergen information is kept, placing it at the top of the menu making it clearer for customers to see.

    • When the customer selects this tab, they will be directed to the document or URL that has been published from the stores Global Dashboard. Which is set in Policies and Allergy Information.



  • We now hide the promo codes section on Review Order screen when the store has “Disable Promotion Codes” feature enabled

  • You can now disable order updates being sent to the user, for example the confirmation email.

If you would like any of these feature flags enabled please contact support@qikserve.com


  • Costa Kiosk - Support of Qatar Arabic language on Kiosks as Costa now support this language.

  • Custom Legal Documents  - As part of feedback related to custom legal documents, we now show a dialog for the legal disclaimer text.

    • We have also updated the section to be named ‘Policy'.

  • Support for non-spendable pseudo currencies in Loyalty - Added support to set up the new Loyalty, Discount and Auth providers type (QIKSERVE), and add support to set up non-spendable pseudo currencies in Loyalty.

  • PixelPoint integration -  PixelPoint updates -

    • Send table number information for SEAT orders

    • Send item notes

Bug Fixes

  • Special Instructions bug - When feature turned off, the special instruction at basket was still visible and available to leave instructions on Open Check.

  • Tips set to default - When having a default tip set and UPP feature flag enabled the tip amount was not being added to the basket automatically.

  • Deliverect nested modifiers -  Nested modifiers where not getting sent to Deliverect when the item had this extra modifier in an order, only the ‘base’ layer of modifier data was being sent.

  • TS Sim2 integration menu item pictures deleted  - Menu item pictures were being removed when running a SIM2 menu pull on Preoday, pictures now remain.

  • Basket total incorrect when currency doesn't have a decimal   - When a stores currency does not have a decimal, for example ‘Korean won’ this was not showing up correctly in the basket total.