July 2022

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features

  • Japanese language has now been added for the below 

    • Emails templates now available in Japanese

    • The ‘Expo order screen' can now be changed to Japanese

  • Nets Payment integration - Is a payment integration popular in the Nordic countries. An integration has been built into their gateway for QikServe.

    • Refunds can be actioned from the orders dashboard

    • Guests can see the total order and transaction fees of transaction before confirming payment

    • Can use UPP

    • Apple/Google pay is not supported


  • Promotions  - When setting up an ‘Offer’ in promotions, you can now have promotions that allow you to apply discount only to qualified items and fees

  • Web order UI Updates

    •  Updated Menu Page UI - Search field now does not change shape when used by a guest and is now situated below the service selection

    • Updated Menu Section and Item UI -

      • Sections Increased font size, background colour changed to white

      • Items font updated, increased font size, removed ‘from’ on pricing

    • Updated Basket UI -

      • Now displays special instructions at basket rather than review order

      • Removed ‘Your order’ header

      • Changed button text from “Continue to payment” to “Checkout now”

      • Added rounded style for “Checkout now” button

    • Updated Carousel behaviour - when scrolling the menu the carousel will automatically scroll to the section reached

  • Updated menu item page & modifier selection UI

    • Removed price form description

    • UI of minus/plus buttons have had the icon sizes rescaled/increased

    • Hide footer when item is out of stock

    • Added rounded style for ‘Add to order’ button

    • Modifiers - Change multiple selection UI (e.g. 2x extra bacon)

      • Add plus button when there isn’t a quantity added

      • Add plus/minus button to increment/decrement quantity

    • Updated radio button/checkbox UI

  • Orderlord integration  - Can now support pulling multiple driver chat notifications.

Bug Fixes

  • Punchh Integration - Guest Checkout New UI -

    • When a store has the feature flag ' Date of birth' enabled and ‘Guest Checkout', the DOB field was not showing and was not required.

    • When a user created an account and then logged in to ‘My account’ to edit their DOB this change was not saving and an error message occurred.

  • Unified Payment Page - When a store had ‘asap slots’ enabled the time was not showing on the confirmation page, it only stated ‘today’.

  • FreedomPay & Open Check -  When paying by Apple Pay in a Open Check store some of the payments were failing with an error stating ‘One or more fields in the request contain invalid data’ as too many decimal digits were being sent to FreedomPay.

  • Stripe Payment Services  - the ‘Billing Address’ feature flag caused the ‘Postcode’ field to show up at the checkout twice.