July 2021

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features

  • Channel Styling and Themes

    New features to Styling are explained in detail on the Knowledge Base and fall into two categories:

    • Channel Level Styling
      Multi-store customers receive a Global Dashboard/Channel. This has its own webpage where you can direct customers to view a list of venues that they can order from. New features include:

      • Ability to change the styling for this page via the Global Dashboard

      • Improved look and location of the call to action buttons

      • Option to change the text that announces your list of stores

    • Styling Themes for stores
      If you have groups of stores that have multiple styling settings or would like to easily switch between various styling themes all managed from one location on your Dashboard, this is now a feature

      • Create, save, edit and publish multiple themes

      • See when they were last published and how many stores they are live on


Screenshot 2021-08-05 at 11.52.24

  • Advanced Order Slots

    • Previously you couldn’t give your different Service types their own Order Interval which made running multiple services from one store difficult for some. From the same store you can now, for example, have Delivery service running on a 30 minute order interval, and Collection service with 10 minute intervals

    • You can also now schedule your busy and quiet periods with new Default, Expanded and Reduced order capacities to help manage your order numbers and resources better 


      Screenshot 2021-07-01 at 09.52.47
    • This new feature is available to all on the Dashboard.

  • Tax Rate Reports

    • Each Tax Rate has a description and via an ‘Invoice Report' these will be displayed and totalled up for ease, as in the example below

    • This means if you have more than one tax rate of the same percentage then you can now see each tax rate by name. This differs from the Tax Report which will group all rates of the same percentage together.  

    • Example:  
      In the example below, the tax rates have been named Soft Drinks, Desserts and Alcohol - they all have the same 20% VAT applied.

      Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 17.26.37


  • Como Loyalty

    • Como are a Loyalty Platform that we integrate with, previously only via their mobile app. We can now send Como customers to our web based ordering platform to open up a whole new ordering experience for our mutual customers

  • Omnico POS

    • A newly available Point of Sale integration available for Enterprise Customers

  • Access POS

    • Each time that you sync a menu from Access to the Dashboard you are listening to Access and positioning the menu sections and items accordingly on our Dashboard. We can now choose not to listen to this if you would like

Bug Fixes

  • Mandatory Nested-Modifiers error on new UI

  • Hotline - operators were asked to sign in via the Online Ordering URL.

  • Guest Checkout - when placing 3D Secure transactions via Guest Checkout, after a successful order, some users were redirected back to menu page instead of seeing the Order Accepted page.

  • Promotions - apply once per order (cheapest item) not working.

  • After Hours - setting wasn’t being applied on manually accepted orders

    • After Hours allows your customers to make an order for a time that is later than your Operational Hours are set for if the preparation/delivery time takes them past this.

  • Analytics report - Report on customers who have signed up but haven’t ordered was inaccurate

  • Users unable to order past midnight- the user saw an error message when trying to place an order for a slot after 00:00