January 2023

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features

QikServe Payments Payouts detail report added  - This is now available on your Global dashboard, the report consists of a summary and detailed pay-out information of all payments made to your company from QP.

  • You can view this information under the QikServe Payments tab, then select Payouts, here you can view

    • Payout Date

    • Status

    • Sales Count (how many transactions were made in this pay-out)

    • Gross

    • Total Payout amount (minus QP fees)


For further information on this new feature please go to our knowledge base article HERE


  • Access Integration update - Operators with more complex menu setups want to be able to assign the same modifier group to an item multiple times. This has now been updated to allow this function. This also simplifies management of their item database.

  • Pixel Point Integration   - Tax group information was being wiped from items during menu updates. A new property has been added to the configuration details to prevent this.

  • Search function on menu   - As a guest you can use the search bar to navigate the menu, to quickly order items. We have now improved how the menu item search is made, so that now item names are prioritised over item descriptions.

  • Open Check product update - Previously, you were not able to deploy Open Check without Pay at Table enabled. We have changed the way the function works so that we do not have to configure Pay at Table/payment gateway for the solution to work, allowing guests to order without payment.

Bug Fixes

  • Bleep Integration, discounts not sent to POS  - The integration was not reflecting discounts in any way other than the total order amount.

    • There are two types of discounts that can be applied to a transaction, an item discount (eg one item is reduced by 50%) and a total discount to all items in the transaction (eg 10% off the bill) and both need to reflect in a certain way on the bill. New fields have been added.

  • Unable to change Item availability on menu  - after making an item unavailable you were not able to make this item re-available

  • Global Dashboard menu name - The menu name could not be changed on the Global dashboard it had to be changed per store, this has since been resolved.

  • FreedomPay 3DS issue   - there was a problem using CVV and 3DS for the payment provider, the CVV pop up would not close and the call back did not work.

  • Sizing information for images  - The sizing information for max size and file type was missing from the add image section in menus.