January 2022

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features

  • Pennies integration

    • Pennies are a global micro-donations charity. This integration offers your customer the ability to easily and quickly round up their order/donate a set amount at checkout with the click of one button. The charity that collects the funds has their logo provided with an explanation below 


Please reach out to support@qikserve.com to learn more.

  • Deliveroo integration

    • The QikServe integration to Deliveroo offers a menu push function so that you have one less place to manage your menu. The menu from your Dashboard can be sent to your Deliveroo store, correctly formatted and ready to use

    • Once an order is made via Deliveroo, QikServe receives the order and sends it on to your POS. This means you don’t need an order management tablet/printer specifically for Deliveroo but can receive you Click and Collect orders from QikServe and your Delivery orders from Deliveroo directly to your POS

    • The integration is available today on Simphony 2 and RES Micros POS


  • Loyalty Providers

    • Operators may use Loyalty Providers for different purposes. For example our partners Talkbox or Toggle might be used for discounts or vouchers and our own Loyalty feature for stamp card redemption

    • You can now change the titles of the Loyalty feature to be best suited to your use

  • Unified Payment Page

    • For our customers who are integrated to WorldPay payment, we not have the ability to processes 3DS card payments

  • Delivery address as Billing address

    • When a customer is using our delivery service and has entered an address for delivery, at the checkout/payment portal they are able to conveniently select the same address for the billing address

    • This will only work if you have the address saved in your account (you must select ‘save address for future orders’ to save the address) It does not save addresses for customer’s checking out as guests:

  • Editing items from the basket

    • Customers can now edit the items directly from their basket rather than removing the item and re-adding it with the correct choice. For example changing a modifier or a size from a small to large


  • Integrating Freedompay3DS now available for Pay at Table

  • Optin option for Acteol

    • When a customer is using Pay at Table and the store is integrated to Acteol there is a popup after payment to ask the customer if they want to subscribe to marketing from that location. This now updates the users info on Acteol’s dashboard

Bug Fixes

  • Adding incorrect VCV to saved card using Freedom Pay causing order to be rejected.

  • Jersey addresses auto populating but not accepted/recognised when attempting to check out.

  • When re-ordering, customer can add an item that has been changed (price etc.) but gets a zero-priced version in basket.

  • Open check orders weren’t sending the Qikserve Global channel ID.

  • Customer’s were unable to try to pay after an initial failed payment on our Pay at table product.