Set up Email Styling

For all orders that are successfully made a customer ca receive a confirmation email.

Header and Footer

  • From your Dashboard navigate to Styling > Email Styling

  • Click on the Header to edit

    • Follow the specifications and upload your image
  • Click on the Footer to edit - this can only be text

  • Click Done to save your settings

Footer with Hyperlink

You can add a hyperlink to your Footer if you want to link out to a webpage from your confirmation emails. Perhaps you have a social media link, or a feedback form to share with customers.

  • From your Dashboard navigate to Styling > Emails

  • Click on the Footer to edit

  • In the text box copy the following, changing the web address in the red text to be a URL of your choice (keep the quote marks), and the blue text to the text that you would like to display:
    <a target="_system" href="{add your allergen URL}">See cooking instructions here!</a>

  • Click done

For the next customer that makes an order they will get an email confirmation with a hyperlink at the bottom of it: