December 2021

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features

  • Delivery driver chat for Orderlord 

    • If you are integrated with the dispatch provider Orderlord you can make use of their Driver Chat functionality. The customer gets a popup on our mobile apps telling them that there is a new message from the driver, allowing them to engage in text chat


  • Kiosk pages KIOSK

    • The instructions to continue payment on the PED device have been improved for resolution size 1024 x 768

    • As have the order confirmation page for the same resolution

  • Improved Tookan reporting

    • If you are integrated with the dispatch provider Tookan, if a customer chooses to pay on delivery (not at time of order) there will be a confirmation number generated on payment

    • The driver is then able to add this number to the driver ticket, which will automatically be populated on QikServe’s Dashboard Analytics

    • This improves reporting capabilities, specifically when a receipt number needs to be communicated back to QikServe for reporting

  • Toggle UI improvements 

    • The mandatory email field is removed for our Order & Pay products when customers need to validate their gift card

    • An error message is now displayed on orders where the payment is incomplete. This is designed to avoid confusion from lack of messaging, much like a successful order has an 'accepted' message displayed

  • Nested sections imagery

    • If you are using the Open-Check service, you can now customise how nested section images are shown 


  • Improved reporting to show multiple payments 

    • When a customer makes an order with both a gift card and credit card, this order split is now shown via the Dashboard Analytics

Bug Fixes

  • Stored payment cards on user accounts were not available at the checkout for multi store native apps

  • Menu section images not displaying correctly for Open check solution

  • ICR POS integrated stores unable to sync menus

  • Intermittent TLS errors sending emails from OrderPrinterService on the kiosks

  • Application messages set without a mobile app version number were not displaying