Custom Legal Documents (Policies)

Custom legal documents is a feature that has been created to provide an option to manage your own T&C’s, as well as other important documents such as your privacy policy and allergy Information.

This also includes default templates that allow you to then personalise them as required.

This feature is built at a channel level so it is necessary for you to have a global channel created.

To have this feature enabled and a channel created please email

Adding Legal Documents to your platform.

To add the documents to your platform you must add these on the Global channel (Globe next to the name is how you differentiate the channel from the store). Please follow the steps below -

  • Log in to your Global Dashboard

  • Select Policies from the menu 

  • You will then have 2 different options 

    • In product will allow you to be able to create and edit, or paste your own terms and conditions here 

    • External URL This option will take users to an external page to view your document 


Please note that the external URL option will open the new window for the user.

  • Then publish what you have added, it also highlights below the publish button when it was last modified

  • A second confirm pop up box will appear 


User view

  • Your customers will be able to view the different documents when ordering from your platform, for example the privacy, cookie policy and accessibility Statement can be viewed when selecting a store-


This pop up message will continue on the order experience until the accept button has been selected.

  • Allergy information will be available on the menu for customers -

  • Terms & Conditions link will be visible when creating an account (users will also see the Privacy Policy link) -