Creating an item specific promotion

In this article we will explain how to create a promotion for a specific item only

  • Go to the QikServe Dashboard

  • Select 'Promotions'

  • Click the blue circle with the '+' inside it



  • Under the 'BASIC' tab, give your promotion a name

  • In 'Discount Value', give your promotion a value. You can choose this to appear as a currency (money off) value or a %

  • Select the conditions of your offer:

    • All customers / Specific customers only
    • Apply automatically at checkout / User enters a promotion code
    • Multiple use / Single use / First purchase only
    • Apply to the basket total / Apply to a section / Apply to an item / Apply to a tag
  • Search for the item you want the promotion to apply to and then select it from the drop down list

  • Under the 'ADVANCED' tab, you can specify how long the offer is active for (Set validity period) and what type of orders the promotion is applicable to:

    • All/ delivery / Collection / Voucher
    • Choose whether the promotion is displayed - including promotion name - on your customer-facing menu
  • Click 'Done' to save