How to use Marketing

Marketing offers lots of options. You can create discounts for your users or set up a banner to notify them of any changes.

They can be:

  • Customer specific or available for everyone

  • Automatically applied or accessed via a code

  • For a price or percentage

  • For a specific item or applied to the total basket

  • Applied for a particular service or date range

  • Advertised with a pop up message or a banner that sits under the basket on the web order page


Please keep in mind that offers apply separately each time, and do not “consume” a set amount of credit. For example, if you create a single-user promotion for a £20.00 discount, and select the “Multiple use” in the promotion options, that customer would receive the full £20.00 discount for every order they place, as opposed to a combined total of £20.00.


By default, only a single offer code can be added to an order. It is possible to change this, allowing multiple promo codes to be applied at the same time on a single order. To enable this behaviour, please contact us at


If you are Oracle POS integrated you will need to get in touch with as a promotion needs to be added to your integration before it can work correctly.

Create a offer
  • Go to your Dashboard (

  • Select Marketing and Offers

  • Click the blue circle with the '+' inside it

  • Under the 'BASIC' tab, Give your promotion a name

In 'Discount Value', give your promotion value. You can choose this to appear as:

    • Fixed Amount off
    • % Amount off

Select the conditions of your offer:

    • All customers / Specific customers only
    • Apply automatically at checkout / User enters a promotion code
    • Multiple use / Single use / First purchase only

  • Under the 'ADVANCED' tab, you can specify how long the offer is active for (Set validity period) and what type of orders the promotion is applicable to:
    • All / Delivery / Collection / To Seat
    • If there is a minimum order value to enable the discount
    • Choose whether the promotion is displayed - including promotion name - on your customer-facing menu by selecting if you’d like it as a banner or a pop up message. Then write your text
  • Click 'Done' to save

Credits within Marketing

There is also an option for Credits in promotions. This acts as a credit that you can give to a specific customer instead of a refund or if you wish to give a customer discount off their next purchase due to a faulty or wrong order.

They can be set up in the same process as offers, see above.