August 2022

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features

  • QP Reporting  - Our latest developments with QikServe Payments is the reporting dashboard which can be accessed through your QikServe dashboard.

    The new QP reporting dashboard allows you to have one source of data for easier reporting and tracking of your transactional data through your online ordering and payment services with QikServe 



The reporting now gives you the visibility over -

  • Total number of transactions

  • Average Transaction Value

  • Total Sales Revenue

You can now also view any failed transactions (in the transaction sub tab) and have an answer for your customer on why this had failed , for example see below 


To see more information on this new handy feature, visit our knowledge base article QP Reporting


  • Tevalis menu update  Can now import allergen information for items to the QikServe Menu from Tevalis.

  • New languages added to Expo order screen

    • French and Italian now available on the order screen

  • POS new field added - Implemented a new field in the POS Provider config to be able to filter checks based on how long a check should be open.

Bug Fixes

  • UPP Online ordering  orders -  Some orders were placed without a slot assigned to them, no ‘pick up time' or 'prepare by’ time was allocated.

  • Open Check- Would mark orders as rejected if the response from the POS takes longer than 30 seconds, even when it produces a response.

  • New Menu styling  - The styling does not work with Url’s that are not Failed to load resource error appeared.

  • ‘Kitchen’ screen on Expo order page  - Whenever the order status is progressed a notification sound will play.

  • Refunds not appearing in Analytics  -Refunded orders weren’t appearing in the Refund report on Analytics.

  • Search feature - The search feature when searching items on an online ordering dashboard did not function correctly, only a small amount of items would be shown.

  • Enhanced marketing control - On larger screens within stores that have the ‘Enhanced marketing control’ feature enabled, sizes of images and buttons were not responding properly.