April 2023

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.


Access POS now able to pull images through menu sync - Customers using the Access POS are now able to pull their images when syncing their menu on the QikServe dashboard.

This image shows where venues can sync their menus.

Bug Fixes 

  • Issue with orders being duplicated because of the delivery address. We have changed the way the address is pulled, no longer causing this bug 
  • Timeout caused when a store has too many Items & Modifiers has been solved by changing the way we load the items onto the web-app 
  • Increased the limit of modifiers on the dashboard to stop crashing for stores that had large amount of modifiers

  • Error caused when editing items that were present in multiple stores, usually caused by duplication. You will now be able to edit items even if they appear in multiple menus
  • Stripe blocking cards after being declined, App would not allow user to re-attempt payment with same card after being invalid. Cards that fail the first time will be allowed to be used to re-attempt payment.