April 2022

See below features, improvements and bug fixes for the past month.

New Features

  • Automatically reject orders if not accepted within XX minutes - There is now a new feature that gives you the ability to automatically reject orders 

    • If an order has been sitting in a pending state for a specific amount of time, the order will be automatically cancelled.

    • This can be set on your dashboard in your Venue settings and Services, see collection service below 

    • Rejected orders will then appear on the rejected orders report in Analytics on your QikServe dashboard.

To have this enabled on your platform please get in touch with support@QikServe.com


  • Nutrition refresh (Calorie Labelling)   - Updated calorie labelling to include the following 

    • Add calorie support to our channels and tools to comply with UK Legislation changes.

    • Includes support for consuming calorie data from Deliverect.

    • The ability to publish calorie data to delivery providers.

  • Improve the sending of discounts to Deliverect  - Previously Deliverect orders with discount applied from our dashboard get sent through as ‘underpaid' orders and is illustrated on the DE side as ‘unaccounted payment’ example below 

    • The Discount is now listed in the discount field on Deliverect.

  • Cross-sell tooltip to show validation message on save button  - we disable the save button when all mandatory fields are not selected but it can be difficult for users to identify what is required, we now have a message when you hover over the save button to explain the issue 

  • Deliveroo/Control Setting   - Our Deliveroo integration does a good job of facilitating orders to a point of sale. Customers expressed a desire to centralise control of their delivery operations within the QikServe platform. This simplifies their operations and they now only have to manage one system to operate multiple site channels.

    • Can now set their Deliveroo store status via Dashboard.

    • Can view and set item availability via Dashboard.

  • Update to Zonal integration to send extra information to POS -

    • Added changes to be able to send timeslots for collection orders.

    • Able to send customer name, phone no & email id.

    • User can add free text message attached to the order.

    • User can apply a discount to their bill which updates their basket and is accurately represented in the POS.

  • Hide post code field based on selected country in billing address - Previously a post code was mandatory on our billing address page, now the billing address country will default to the locale of the restaurant and based on the country selected the post code field will be hidden.

Bug Fixes

  • Cross Sell offer can not be edited if as tag is deleted. When the advanced offer is configured with only one tag condition and this used tag is deleted, the offer can not be edited anymore.

  • QikServe sending Deliverect orders with 1 hour delay due to daylight savings - Conversion corrected and ensured it continues to adjust for daylight savings.

  • Deliverect Integration doesn't allow selecting multiple copies of modifier option - This Integration did not support choosing any single modifier option more than once. This prevents stores from using modifiers to their full capacity.

  • Discount not displaying correctly  - The discounts set via promotions were not displaying correctly, for example a discount of 10% from a £17.50 order was displayed as £1.94 when in fact we discounted £1.95. The discount in the basket (1.94) is calculated on our side and is different from the value calculated and discounted by the POS System.

  • Channel tags are not showing in Cross-Sells conditions after saved - When a Cross-Sells Offer condition is created using a tag that was published from a Channel, when editing the Offer, the tag is not showing in the condition line image-20220510-104015

  • Check out slot resetting upon clicking ‘change my order’ when store is accessed via Channel page  - When changing order from the checkout page and brought back to the menu page the slot was reset, back to the first available slot.